Sunday, July 24, 2011

How would this affect Americans?

Picture riots. Riots, engulfing Washington DC, and every other major city. Flames, mass violence. News picks it up, America watches along as the masses and riot police go at it. Then, the president, bloody bandage on his head, delivers an address of calmness, and then... blows his brains out, TV not cutting to commercial fast enough, with a 9mm pistol. America sees live footage as no assassin takes down its head of state, but instead sees the president take his own life, becoming the first to do so in the history of the country.

What would happen? Would America finally see the truth of politics, wake up and desire for political education? Would Americans everywhere unite in an attempt to better themselves and the country, in the name of their fallen leader? Or would anarchy sweep the land and create a nightmare landscape? Would the military take control?

I doubt any of those options will come true. Americans no longer seem to share that kind of personal connection with their leader as they did in the times of FDR or Lincoln. Life would continue as normal, with the only change being the media focusing on this "latest scoop" for a few days... then skipping along to their next, inconsequential-yet-somehow-equally-important stories.